Intercet is an application tool of the GIONHA Project for sharing and managing georeferenced data on the net relating to the populations of Cetaceans and sea turtles in the Mediterranean.

In order to participate in Intercet it is necessary to provide the essential data for the purposes of the project, according to standardized procedures that allow a good quality of the data collected.

It is essential to produce:

  • the sampling tracks (recorded via GPS) and the data associated with the sampling tracks;
  • the GPS coordinates of the sighting points with target species and associated data (species identification, number of individuals, other);
  • photographic images relating to the sighting, useful for identifying the species and individuals

Sharing data on Intercet does not involve any change in ownership of the data. Any use of the same shared on the platform (other than those foreseen by the platform itself - see below), must be formally authorized by the data owner.

The data uploaded on the Intercet platform will be accessible (in visualization only) to all Internet users.

The subjects participating in the network will have privileged access to the shared data (through the log in credentials) and will be able to automatically perform some counts: automatic count of the number of tracks and/or sightings in a multiple selection; length (in kilometres) of a sampling track or a sighting track or a selection of multiple tracks

No one (except the data owner and the Intercet platform manager) will be able to access the data uploaded to the platform to download or modify them or to perform other analyses.

Every year an annual report is produced by Fondazione Acquario di Genova on the data shared on the platform (research partners participating in the network, number of sightings shared on the platform, updating of distribution maps for each species).